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Cinematic Adventure Trailer is motivational, inspirational, emotional cinematic background music for videos. Perfect for motivational videos, films, commercials, and exciting trailers.

This cinematic trailer is brave, heroic, good for dramatic ending, energetic epic,moments of hope and inspiring, intro, military, motivation, patriotic, score. Intense cinematic music that can be heard and used in various type of movie and film production, trailers, media projects, marketing campaigns, beautiful time-lapse, life and travel videos and almost any motivational video production. Instruments used: violins, cello, drums, horn, cymbals, bass

Mood of the song: dramatic, powerful, patriotic, motivational, optimistic, hope, inspiration, confidence and emotions!

 Included in the zip:

  • Cinematic Adventure Trailer, Wav and Mp3
  • Cinematic Adventure Trailer (Short 1_08), Wav and Mp3
  • Cinematic Adventure Trailer (Short 0_36), Wav and Mp3
  •  License

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