About the Download

Emotional Cinematic Piano is a modern orchestral and emotional, filled of heroic mood, inspiring cinematic music. Take your video projects to a new level. Use my high-quality music for your trailers, games, movies, commercials and more.

 Included in the zip:

  • Emotional Cinematic Piano, Wav and Mp3
  •  License

Included in the zip Free:

  • Emotional Cinematic Piano, Mp3
  •  Free License

How to download for free?

  1. Click the purchase button, and go to the Checkout page.
  2. On the Checkout page enter your name and email and click on the free download button.
  • Free License
  • You can use the music of Oleg Kashchenko, which is available under the Creative Commons license, in your multimedia project (online video, web sites, video blog, etc.) free of charge if you specify https://olegkashchenko.com. Examples of the correct way of crediting us: Music: “Name Song” by Oleg Kashchenko
  • You cannot claim our music as your own
  • You can not register our music in any store / platform
  • You cannot use our music for Audio Podcasts or AudioBooks
  • You cannot make music, song or remix with our music.
  • If you can’t give credits you can buy the Standard and Extended License for this track.