About Me

Hi! I’m a music producer and composer Oleg Kashchenko. Thousands of clients all over the world appreciated my creativity and used my music in their projects, advertising, and much more. I worked for more than 10 years on radio and tv as a sound engineer. I was involved in arranging, mixing, and mastering for solo dance and pop projects, as well as for other musicians.

Over the past 10 years, I have worked in various musical genres, from trailer music and corporate presentations to EDM hits. I can help you realize almost any of your musical fantasies and ideas.


If you read this, then you know how important music is to your project. It is music that creates the very mood that will make us tremble, rejoice, music inspires us, under it, we are sad and indulge in memories.


Music is the soul of any project, it is a great tool to make us feel the emotions and feelings we need. My task as a composer is to feel, hear, and translate your ideas into a musical composition.

I will write you high-quality unique music, seasoned with my many years of experience.

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