Music for video and advertising is very different from the music you hear on the radio and on YouTube. I would say that this is a separate art form. Such music should create the right mood, causing different emotions from your audience, emphasize the message in your video and at the same time not distract from the main idea of ​​your video. You make a mistake with the choice of the soundtrack, and people will ignore your brand.

The music for advertising has its own trends, it is constantly evolving, there are a lot of musical styles in it, be it a funny ukulele or cinematic music, the character and emphasis in this music you will not hear anywhere else, only on specialized sites where musicians and arrangers work who have dedicated many years to creating such music.

Music is a powerful means of influencing human emotions and feelings. Using the maximum potential of music, advertising has the opportunity to acquire considerable influence power. A memorable melody increases the effectiveness of advertising and a positive impression of it.

Music marketing is one of the strongest tools for an emotional impact on the consumer. For example, the African Journal of Business Management published a study on the impact of music content on brand perception.

Subjects were offered a fictional brand of mineral water. Then they were presented with several promotional videos with the same content but different musical accompaniment: two with music, one without. Each video was submitted to only one group of people. After that, the subjects described their impressions of the brand. Thus, goods with music videos were much higher than others and scored the maximum number of points. Based on this, it was concluded that the use of different melodies that fit the message and brand, but differ in tempo and emotional undertones, create positive emotions about the product and the brand itself. At the same time, music allows you to recognize a brand without a familiar logo or visual style — by chance enough to hear a fragment of a melody.

You will not be able to use the music of popular artists in your videos, it violates the copyright, and you have to pay royalties to special companies that charge for using their music. As a rule, these are huge amounts, and a small marketing company or a blogger on YouTube cannot afford this.

How does royalty free music work?

It is very easy! Royalty-free music is the kind of music for which you pay only once, and you don’t need to pay royalties for using it.

How to use royalty free music in youtube videos?

In order to use music in your videos on YouTube, you need to go to the site, choose from the category (Corporate, Happy, Cinematic, etc.) you like the music, choose the right license for your project and buy After the purchase, you will receive an archive with music of several formats like mp3 and wav and a license file. If a copyright dispute arises when you upload videos to YouTube, you will grant your license and the claim will be removed.

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