How I put my music and songs on Spotify and other streaming services

Hey! I decided to share my experience of placing my music on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. If you have browsed my site, you will notice that one of the areas that I do is royalty-free music. And of course, I could not ignore such a rapidly developing phenomenon as streaming. If royalty-free music is more of a job, then streaming allows you to unleash your creativity. Here you can turn around to the fullest, you can write music as you want, as you see and feel it. Certainly not the fact that this will resonate with the audience. But you can allow yourself to be an independent artist, with your view of what music should be, share your inner world.

About me

I am a producer, sound engineer from Ukraine. As for me, 10 years ago, I already had an EDM project that we were doing with my friend. But at that time it was extremely difficult to distribute and promote your music. In order to release your music, you had to reach out to any label, and even if you were lucky to release your own releases, as a rule, small labels did not invest in promoting an unknown artist, so this did not give almost any results, and hope is that you would be heard remained a pipe dream.

Of course, the opportunity to upload all your music as you saw and heard is a great opportunity to share your music with your fans, but still, it is not a panacea for all the difficulties that an independent artist faces. You still need to spend a lot of effort, time, and money promoting your music. But still, there was a better chance of being heard and noticed. For example, the same Spotify can add your track to their official playlists, which usually have thousands of subscribers, which can attract a large number of new followers to your music. Also, thanks to music distributors, your music or song will get into all the largest online music stores and streaming services. And they also add them to all social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, which greatly increases the likelihood of being heard.

And so I will not consider all the subtleties of how to add your music to the distributor, I decided to make a reservation right away, in case you are an independent artist and hoped that I would raise this topic here. I just wanted to start sharing with you the experience that I have gained over the past period. And so I chose and tested three distribution services that seemed to me the most convenient and profitable for me, they are Distrokid, CD Baby, and RouteNote.


Distrokid has already justified its $ 36 subscription, by the way, you can start on this service from $ 20 a year per artist, loading your tracks unlimited, of the minuses, you need to pay for Shazam, although in other services this option is free, and you need to pay for additional artists … And on the plus side, your tracks go to the store and to streaming services within a couple of days. You can also get a page on Spotify almost instantly. Payments are made without any problems.

Cd Baby

Cd Baby is a good service, with a lot of useful features, but for a novice artist who does not yet have fans, who does not know whether they will listen and buy his music, the services of this service are expensive. Here you have to pay $ 10 for one single, and $ 29 for an album.


RouteNote is the most profitable of these distributors for aspiring independent artists. Нou can upload your music for free and unlimited, Shazam is free, the number of performers is unlimited, your music goes to all stores and even Chinese streaming services, plus you can monetize Facebook and Instagram, YouTube, and Soundcloud. I can’t say how things are with payments since I just recently started uploading my music here.


In general terms, I still told you about distribution services, if you have any questions or want to share your experience, write in the comments.

As for my music, not even a year has passed since I slowly began to upload my music, which in my opinion may be interesting to the listener. I did not invest in promotion, and I cannot boast of any special successes, although my track “Time To Rest” got into the Spotify playlist, and this gave a significant increase in listeners. Let’s see where this path will lead me if I can find my audience. One thing I can say is an amazing time of opportunity. Below I will attach playlists from Spotify with my musical projects. Nice listening. Thanks for reading.

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