Where Do I Find Royalty Free Music For Video

How to get good royalty free music for video

You are looking for music for your videos, maybe you want to use them on your blog, or you are a photographer who shoots video for weddings, or maybe you have a small production studio where you shoot commercials for local companies, and you have a small budget.

You can type in the search engine the phrase “Royalty free music” and the search engine will give you many options of sites where you can listen, choose, download or buy music for your videos.

Where do i find royalty free music for video

If you do not want to search for the best websites with background music for video or you do not have time for this, I did it for you. The best websites of royalty free music you can see in this article.

10 Popular Royalty-Free Music Websites For Vlog

How does royalty free music work

It is very easy! Royalty-free music is the kind of music for which you pay only once, and you don’t need to pay royalties for using it.

I made screenshots for you from the site where I sell my music so you can catch the meaning

How to use royalty free music in youtube videos

In order to use music in your videos on YouTube, you need to go to the site, choose from the category (Corporate, Happy, Cinematic, etc.) you like the music, choose the right license for your project and buy After the purchase, you will receive an archive with music of several formats like mp3 and wav and a license file. If a copyright dispute arises when you upload videos to YouTube, you will grant your license and the claim will be removed.

You can use my music AudioZond Production

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